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One name. One face. One email address will connect you to the one person who knows your business intimately—your Technology Manager. So you’ll always be just a phone call away from all the technology help you need. Regardless of whether you have a question about something monumental (your technology infrastructure, your network efficiency, your status reports, your connections to the outside world) or simply consequential (how to load pesky printer fonts, how to upgrade an unwieldy server, how to get a cool macro to work) we’re here to help you. And your Technology Manager is responsible for coordinating everyone on your Covenant team to make sure you get everything you need.

Once you decide to partner with Covenant, you effectively punt all your technology problems to us. From that point on, we take full responsibility for resolving any and all of those problems. No matter how many hardware and software vendors, Internet service providers, telephone companies or long-distance carriers we need to work with. As far as your technology problems are concerned, you can forget about them.