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supporting services

Over the past five years, we've realized that sometimes our clients need or require unique services. While these services do not fall under our core service offering, we have many clients who need these services and Covenant has the teams in place to provide them.

> web development

Covenant has developed an efficient and effective process to ensure that your business gets the website that best fits your needs:  We get to know your company: your short- and long-term goals, your image, your message, your audience and what you expect your website to accomplish for your business. And we take a methodical approach to developing your website that has proven highly effective in ensuring that the finished product achieves the desired results. And we provide a technical environment that optimizes the performance of your website.

Best of all, Covenant has developed a proprietary software that allows you to edit your Web site from any Web browser. This editing interface is very simple and can be distributed to as many of your employees as you wish.  The service is called HookFryServe and is designed to help your company make regular updates to your Web site from any Internet-connected computer. To view some of our web design work, see our portfolio here.

managed services

For our exisiting clients who need these services, Covenant acts as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a Microsoft Exchange Application Service Provider (ASP).  We offer website and SQL database hosting, as well as File, Print, DHCP, DNS, and WIINS services.