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If you're looking for a very dependable IT department, then Covenant has the very best solution. Hands-on desktop support for as many hours a week as you need it.  At Covenant, we hire people with great interpersonal skills to be accessible, friendly, interested and capable of handling all your technology needs. Whatever comes up during the day, just grab a member of your Covenant team, and we'll handle it.

And because they spend so much time at your office, our Onsite Team will become intimately familiar with your business. They will be able to understand and react to your business-critical needs as well as your day-to-day needs.  Hands-on, personal, technical assistance for your whole organization as often as you need it.

What You Do:

  • Accumulate a list (mental or written) of things you want Covenant to address during the next visit.

  • Visit briefly with the Covenant associate to prioritize the tasks and, if you wish, go over the standard maintenance items on the Covenant To-Do list.

  • Get back to business.

What Covenant Does:

  • Handles it.